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4 miles from Old Man's Cave & 1 Mile from Conkle's Hollow
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Horseback Riding and Canoeing Package - Please call for further details or to make a reservation.
Happy Trails Horseback Rides has partnered with Hocking Valley Canoe Livery to give you a great deal on horseback riding and canoeing in the Hocking Hills. All rides, whether horseback riding or canoeing are very scenic and beautiful. See nature the way that it was intended, in a natural environment on a horseback and in a canoe.

Horseback Riding and Canoeing - Save $7.00 or more

 Package I - $39 per person - for a one hour horseback ride and the Trip I canoe ride.
 Package II - $60 per person - for a two hour horseback ride and the Trip II canoe ride

Horseback Riding - Choose any one hour ride - Outback Trail, Wilderness Trail, Knee Knocker Trail, or Buckeye Trail I  

Please see the trails section for a description of the different horseback riding trails.

Canoeing Adventure - Trip I Crockett's Run To Livery or Trip II Natural Rock Bridge To Livery

Trip I Crockett's Run To Livery:

Crockett's Run is ideal for beginners, families with young children or those who want a short outing on the Hocking River. This five mile stretch is regularly cleared from trees and limbs to make a smooth and enjoyable ride. This trip offers secluded scenery (hills, sandbars, rock formations, etc.) and the opportunity to see abundant wildlife (deer, turtles, beavers, and small mouth fish). Crockett's run to livery departs on the hour between 9am - 5pm. Click here for departure Schedule.

Trip II Natural Rockbridge To Livery:  

This is Hocking Valley Canoe Livery's most popular trip because it gives you the opportunity to visit the natural Rock Bridge. Our drop off is directly across the river from this magnificent natural landscape. The Natural Rockbridge is made of Black Hand Sandstone which has been carved out through centuries of erosion. The nearby town of Rockbridge bears its name from the this formation. This trip is also popular since the old Hocking Canal can be viewed on route to our destination. Trip II is perfect for those who want more time on the Hocking to enjoy the spectacular and undeveloped landscapes. Natural Rockbridge to livery departs on the hour between 9am - 3pm.